Decorative window film in Potomac Maryland

Interior Guards had the pleasure to travel to Potomac, Maryland, to solve a privacy problem for a residential client with decorative window film.

decorative window filmEnhancement of Door with Decorative Window Film

The new door looked plain and the client in Potomac Maryland contacted Interior Guards to see what types of film could be applied to the door. The residential window tinting client wanted to enhance their entrance with a decorative window film at the same time as they created some privacy into their home. Interior Guards suggested Dusted Crystal Decorative film from 3M.

Create Beautiful Glass Panels – Many Options

Decorative window film helps to create privacy and can significantly increase the value of your home. There are other benefits: increasing personnel security, prevent theft, hide possessions and activity in your home. Window film can also enhance the environment through its beauty. There are many types of films available to create a beautiful glass surface. Imagine what films like these from, 3M or Llumar window films can do in your home or office space.

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