Solar Control Window Film – Washington Nationals Stadium

Interior Guard contracted with Washington National Stadium to install solar control window film. 

solar control window film

Just in time for the baseball season Interior Guards just recently completed a large job for the Washington National Stadium. Interior Guards installed solar control window film and helped install some window tint decals promoting the stadiums emblem.

Benefits With Solar Control Window Film

Solar control window films help businesses minimize rising energy costs, create comfortable working environments, and improve the environment. It reduces glare, heat gain, UV radiation, the risk of skin cancer, and energy expenses. With lowering the temperature with a few degrees  a company can save up to 25% in cooling expenses? In addition to these benefits and delivering a carbon neutral, or even a carbon negative, solution, these films also decrease fading of furniture, carpets, window treatments, and other furnishings.

Tinted Emblems on Windows

Interior Guards also had the pleasure of installing tinted window emblems on the National Stadiums windows. Visually it created the atmosphere needed in order to win every home game.

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To complete the extraordinary environmental and cost advantages of solar control films, Interior Guards have decades of experience installing window film.

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