Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

Why Commercial Window Tinting?

Interior Guards completes high-quality commercial window tinting solutions with great attention to detail. We offer window-tinting solutions for a variety of commercial building and individual office needs that:

Create privacy

Minimize cooling costs

Reduce liability of property owner or manager

Protect tenant assets

Secure personnel

Enhance appearance of property

Marketing, Logos and Signs

Solar Control Window Film

In many cases, building operators experience difficulties with heating and cooling imbalances between sunny and shaded areas of a building. Solar control window films that block incoming ultraviolet (UV) light will minimize this imbalance problem.

Minimize Cooling Costs with Window Tinting Film

Peak load demand can make a substantial difference in a building’s electrical costs. Many utility companies base their rate structure for a building on the maximum peak load measurement. Solar control window film helps reduce that peak and thereby the total electrical bill.

Beyond the lower rate structures, window film products reduce energy use in general.

Create Privacy with Window Film

And window tints can be substantially cheaper than installing shades, blinds or curtains in a commercial building.

Reduce Liability as a Business Owner

If you are a business owner you can reduce your liability when you install security film for your retail store, restaurant or business. Security film also protects your personnel from harm.

Market Your Business or Organization with Window Film

Window film is a great way to market your business. Order signs, logos and artwork for Interior Guards and communicate what you do to your customers. Interior Guards will handle the installation to create greater visibility for your location.

If you are a business and have a question about commercial window tinting please don’t hesitate to call us. We will provide you with a free estimate.

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