Energy Efficient Windows

Lower Energy Cost with Efficient Windows

Interior Guards specializes in energy efficient windows. Solar control films are used worldwide as an effective means of lowering building energy costs by reducing excessive solar heat gain through inefficient windows.


Windows Savings

Determining the precise energy savings from actual solar film installations is often quite difficult because of the common practice of implementing several energy conservation measures simultaneously. Also, annual variations in the many factors that can affect a building’s energy usage (outdoor temperatures, the amount of sunshine, building occupancy) make it difficult to pinpoint the savings from film installation alone. To accurately show the energy-saving benefits of solar films, a detailed energy analysis study on a conventional office building was undertaken using the U.S. Department of Energy’s sophisticated DOE-2 energy-simulation software. The study included several types of higher-performance solar films applied to various glazing systems. Various cities throughout North America, with several locations outside of the “Sunbelt” region, were included in the study to show the energy savings in different climates and to show the effect of differing electricity costs. Based on customary installation costs for medium-sized commercial projects, the average return on investment (payback) from solar film application was an impressive 2.65 years. These savings were the result of reducing annual electricity kilowatt-hour (kwhr) usage by an average of 6.6% and reducing summer month peak KW demand on average by 6.4%. In many cases the electricity savings were in the 7-10% range. Details concerning the savings are shown on pages 4 through 6.

Results for Energy Efficient Windows

The results of this study were independently verified by an expert consultant in energy analysis, ITEM Systems, as shown on pages 7 through 9. As shown in the ITEM Systems commentary, the savings shown in this report are reasonable and valid estimates of the actual savings to be expected from solar film installation.

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