Federal and State Window Tinting

Professional Tinting Services

Interior Guards specializes in Federal and State window tinting. Our installers are industry professionals who regularly attend seminars and training sessions to assure that they are up to date on all products, installation procedures, and safety precautions. We offer proven window tinting solutions for a variety of government needs:

Interior Guards Window Tinting install window tint products for both state and federal entities

Privacy Window Tint

Many federal and state window tinting can be beneficial when you need to create privacy as well. This can be done with beautiful decorative window film.

Protect and Secure Personnel

In today’s world, crime, vandalism, terrorism, natural disasters, and everyday accidents are real concerns. Made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives, safety and security films provide an optically clear yet powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place should impact occur. The increased threat of terrorism is driving many building operators to re-evaluate the safety and security of their employees and other tenants. Adding window film products can solve some of the threats.

Minimize Cooling Costs with Window Film

“Energy costs represent 30% of a typical commercial building’s annual budget and is the single largest operating cost. Solar heat gain through windows contributes to one-third of a building’s cooling load.”
SOURCE: BOMA-Kingsley Quarterly/US EPA Energy Star

One way for the federal and state clients is to minimize their cooling costs is to install window film. LLumar Energy Saving Window Film can boost the performance of nearly any system, significantly reducing energy consumption. Professional energy audits estimate that buildings could attain annual energy savings as high as 15%.

Federal and State Window Tinting Client List

Interior Guards is quickly building a solid reputation for completing high quality window tint solutions for federal and state clients (see our client list).

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