UV Window Protection Tint

Reduce Hotspots and Control Energy Costs

Many modern homes are designed with massive amounts of glass to let in as much natural light as possible. Most everyone loves a bright home, but they also agree that glass creates problems on many levels. UV window protection tint solves this problem.

UV Window Protection tint reduce hotspots and control energy cost in your home.

Reduce Hot Spots

Large areas of glass can create “hot spots” and cause fading of furnishings and fabrics. They also contribute to soaring energy costs and even lead to safety concerns and worries about personal security.  UV window protection tint is a simple and affordable way to address all those problems!

Control Energy Costs

An application of sun control film is one of the most effective measures you can take to make your home more comfortable and control energy costs.  By stopping heat at the window, before it ever enters your home,  you can take control of your comfort, eliminate those troublesome “hot spots” and reduce your energy costs by lessening the demand on your cooling system.

Minimize Glare

Glare can be really annoying, especially in areas with large amounts of glass. Try watching “the game” on that new big-screen TV when the sun is blasting through the glass behind you – completely fading out the picture. UV window protection tint softens the light, reduces the irritating glare, and enhances the overall enjoyment of your living and entertaining areas.

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